Photography by Jayme A. Kelter

As a child I couldn’t help but take notice of everything moving around my parent’s backyard, but sitting and staring at the animals thirty feet away only gets you so far. Observation at a distance can provide brief pieces of truth but to see from an arms length is to begin to truly understand.  In order to understand one must share the experience whether you are watching gentle inhalation exerting pressure on your fingertips or the piercing of your skin between teeth.  Appreciation is sparked, and appreciation can ignite something all the more worthwhile, adoration.

This adoration is not for the creature itself, but for the one responsible for the minute details, designs and function of the creature. Making it what we see before us.  In front of you is a small link to the loving creativity expressed in every living being from the 6th day.

© Jayme A. Kelter 2011